Microsoft has made an important move in the gaming industry this week. As was expected, former Nokia man Stephen Elop has been appointed to replace Steve Ballmer as the head of the Devices and Studios division. This segment of the company oversees the XBox brand. Ballmer left the role in 2013. Elop joined the Microsoft family after they acquired Nokia. Not much is known of Elop's intentions in this role, though he did mention last year that he would consider selling the XBox division of the company. That's not likely at this point, with a fresh new console making its way into the market, but never discount the unfathomable logic of corporate America.

I'm hard-pressed to consider anything about "LittleBigPlanet" to be news considering its most recent title is nearly 18 months old ("LBP Vita," September 2012), but they love their DLC and I love "Tearaway." What do those two things have in common? The latest "LBP" DLC are "Tearaway" costumes Iota and Atoi ($2.99, available now). It's fine if you don't care, but I love this:

LBP Tearaway

Risen 3” has been announced as coming to PC, PS3, and XBox 360 in August. No word on whether it will eventually make its way to newer consoles. Piranha Bytes is touting this as a return to their origins, stating “exploration is the key to [the] game.”

Risen 3

Some chilly new content is coming to “Batman: Arkham Origins” in April. Set to release on April 22nd, “Cold, Cold Heart” features Mr. Freeze crashing Bruce Wayne's Humanitarian of the Year benefit. From there, it's all “open-world narrative-based content.” If you're a fan of the franchise, this looks like more of what you love.

 Telltale won't be torturing players of “The Walking Dead Season Two” with long waits like they have with “The Wolf Among Us.” Episode Two: A House Divided has been confirmed for PS3 release on March 4th. I haven't confirmed dates on other platforms, but it's a safe bet they'll all be in the same ballpark.

 Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of March? It's been a rough winter, but it seems like I just stood in line for my launch PS4 a couple weeks ago. It's actually been several months. But, with a new month comes a whole new set of free games in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection! There are some real winners this month too. PS4 owners are getting the Apocalypse Edition of “Dead Nation.” PS3 will see my 2013 game of the year, “Tomb Raider.” For PS Vita, Sony is giving you “Unit 13” and “Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.” “Thomas Was Alone” and “Lone Survivor: Director's Cut” will be available for PS3 and Vita as they are cross-buy titles. Let's round that up: a next-gen upgrade of a fantastic zombie shooter, one of the best games of last year, a portable third person shooter, a hit from a huge Japanese franchise, an indie puzzle platformer, and some adventure-style survival horror. These might not be super-hyped new release FPS games you were hoping to get, but for my money this is one of the most diverse and interesting Plus updates in many months.

That's quick hits for this week. Come on back next Tuesday. Barring any unforeseen circumstances we'll be back with more of the top stories from the weekend.

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