As you're all no doubt aware, Aaron Allston, "Star Wars" author, game designer, and friend, passed away over the weekend while attending VisionCon as the guest of honor.

I've been thinking a lot about Aaron and keep thinking back to how grateful I am that I was able to capture audio with him for various podcasts over the course of the years I've known him.

The first was for the Big Shiny Podcast feed. This was my first recorded interview with Aaron back at Dragon Con 2009. I haven't had the heart to go back and listen to it, so I'm sure much of it is cringe worthy on my part. 

Then, the next time I spoke to him "on the record" was at Origins Game Fair last year. He talked to me about his first experience with "Star Wars" (as did Mike Stackpole and Tim Zahn) and chatted about Time Traveled Tales, an anthology we were both apart of that was having a kickstarter at the time.

From Full of Sith:

Then, the last time I moderated a panel with Aaron on it where audio was rolling was at Dragon Con 2013. This was a panel I moderated with Aaron, as well as Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, and Kevin J. Anderson.

From Full of Sith:

I thought some might listen to him in his own words and get the flavor of his sense of humor first-hand, rather than all of the teary-eyed memorials we've all been writing.

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