Ten years ago, we got one of the greatest superhero movies of all time from the folks at Pixar. It remains not only one of Pixar's crowning achievements, but also the pinnacle of comc-book-superhero fun that all movies of the genre should aspire to.

Today Disney CEO Bob Iger announced a sequel to "The Incredibles". . . and another shameless money grab in the development of "Cars 3." (He also said some stuff about a tiny independent movie they're working on called "Star Wars: Episode VII"-- more on that here.) No word yet on directors, release date, or anything else, but this is enough to get every geek very, very happy.

So, what can we expect? Well, presumably, Pixar would consider bringing back Brad Bird, who helmed the first film and certainly is responsible for much of its quality. No official word from him and he hasn't tweeted anything from his official Twitter today

Bird is currently busy with "Tomorrowland," but assuming that wraps up soon, a next logical project would be an Incredibles sequel.

As for cast to return, that's anyone's guess. I think you'd definitely have to reunite the original main family. So, look for confirmations from Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, and (my favorite) Sarah Vowell sometime soon. (Considering Spencer Fox will be able to legally drink a beer in a couple of months, I'm betting Dash gets recast, though.) I'd hope we could see more of Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone and, of course, Brad Bird himself as Edna , but I'd bet against bringing back Jason Lee as Syndrome (assuming he could've survived going through a jet turbine. . .stupid capes!)

The other part of this news is Cars 3, which I'm sure will be of similar quality as Cars 2 and Planes, yet have the magical ability to sell billions in merchandizing. So, it's a no-brainer. But, please, I beg you, people at Pixar -- no more 'Mater! Both Cars 2 and the original had been the pet projects of John Lasseter, now head of Disney Animation. So it will be interesting to see who they bring in to helm this. Frankly, I'm sick of paint-by-numbers Pixar sequels, the most of egregious of which have been from the Cars franchise. What would really be a miracle is if they can make some real magic here.

But seriously, this is all about The Incredibles. What do you robots want to see? Should they start right where the last movie left off, and fight The Underminer? Should they age up Dash and Jack Jack? Leave us your ideas in the comments section!

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