A new trailer has hit the web for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."  According to the title of the video it is the final trailer we’re getting before the movie releases in May. There is a little bit of duplicate content from previous trailers but not much. And there’s plenty of new stuff.

Right up front we get some incredible acrobatics. I love Raimi’s trilogy but we never saw Spider-Man do anything like this. Just watching him soar, even when he’s not fighting, is enjoyable.

Despite being a markedly darker turn from the previous trilogy, it seems they’ve also kept a handle on one of the central characteristics of Peter Parker, his humor. Between “laundry sheriff,” “cleaning the chimney,” and “it’s all in the wrist” they’ve clearly left room to remind us that through it all Parker keeps a light look on life. This is important, otherwise he becomes Batman in red and blue tights.

We also get a taste of our villains uniting in a quick scene wherein Harry and Electro decide to “catch a spider” plus additional footage of various battles.  If the trailer is to be believed, we're setting up for a couple hours of solid epic battles.

Ever since the first trailer, the shot of Spider-Man swinging a man hole cover at the Rhino has had me geeking out, hard. In this trailer we get to see it again and from the side. The last few seconds of the Rhino running on all fours while Spider-Man spins at him with a round slab of steel are worth watching on repeat. To that end… look at this!


The trailer is below. How psyched are you? 

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