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Casino have faced an age-long battle against cheats who try to win money through unethical means, but important advances in casino technology have put them one step ahead of the game.

How 'Facial Recognition' systems can prevent cheating in casinos

Despite the emergence and subsequent popularity growth of online casinos, millions of gamblers continue to travel to their nearest casino hall to enjoy the pure luxury and high quality setting from which they could potentially win considerable amounts of money. Every casino has a plethora of odds-based games, such as slots, roulette and blackjack, waiting behind their doors for new and experienced customers to walk through and enjoy the fun, drama and tension of gambling. 

Although casinos have long retained an emphasis on responsible gambling, it can be easy to get carried away with the desire and determination to win money whilst playing in a casino. Many gamblers have turned to casino experts to discover strategies and techniques that are reputable and proven to make a difference between being broke and making a profit. 

From legal to illegal

Ever since they were established, casinos have been based upon the premise of fair play for every player who walks through their doors to offer the best quality gambling experience. While it is generally accepted that the house always hold an advantage over its players, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that gamblers could walk out with a considerable profit or fortune. Taking the time to read, study and understand casino-based strategies can make a considerable difference to how you approach each game and may result in making more profits than entering a casino on a whim. Playing with a care-free attitude does have its fun side, but without an efficient strategy can quickly see money lost on every casino game. Taking the time to study a casino strategy is entirely legal and does not fall foul of gambling regulations or casino rules. Recommended strategies and techniques are based upon mathematical calculations and the rule of possibility which, although can give gamblers a greater advantage of being successful in a casino, still takes into account the favourable odds that the house holds over every player. The same techniques can also be utilised across online casinos which not only further the element of convenience and efficiency in gambling, but also allow you to place bets wherever you are in the hope of winning money.


card counting comic

For many years, casinos have enforced strict security measures through guards, CCTV and surveillance systems to preserve their image and prevent any form of theft or violence from occurring. The biggest threat to casinos is the potential presence of cheaters who utilise illegal methods to effectively swing the odds in their favour. Magnets and tampering with roulette turntables are known forms of cheating that are strictly prohibited within casinos; although card counting is technically not illegal, surveillance footage can instantly detect unusual winning patterns and politely ask gamblers who are believed to be cheating to leave the casino.

Spot the cheats

With millions of gamblers entering casinos every year, it can be a difficult task to determine an honest gambler from a cheat who wishes to overturn the house odds and win considerable amounts of money. Surveillance systems can effectively detect unusual betting patterns or winning streaks, but preventing cheating before it has even happened is another matter altogether. Considerable advancements in casino technology have created an innovative facial recognition system that takes a detailed photo image of every person who walks into a casino, with the information collaborated in a database shared across the casino community. Every image is compared with a list of known cheats and suspicious people which, when those people enter a casino, are instantly detected by the technology and alerts security staff to their presence. From there, surveillance systems can closely overlook their actions as they gamble to detect any form of cheating before they start to win money through unethical means. 

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