The Marvel Comics event “Original Sin” is coming next month and as much as we have assumed it, we now have confirmation that The Watcher is dead. The mystery of who killed him will begin this month in "Original Sin" #0. Marvel Comics has been on an unprecedented promotion of this event which will rock the Marvel Universe. Issue Zero of the event will be written by Mark Waid (“Daredevil”) and art by Jim Cheung (“Secret Warriors”). Included below is a first look at “Original Sin” #0 and the variant cover by Paulo Rivera. As the event gets nearer, Marvel Comics asks the question, “Who is next?”

The Comics Event of the Year Starts Here! Your First Look at ORIGINAL SIN #0!


This April, the biggest Marvel Universe series of the year kicks off in ORIGINAL SIN #0 – from Eisner Award-Winning writer Mark Waid and blockbuster artist Jim Cheung!


Who shot the Watcher? And who now holds the deepest, darkest secrets of the Marvel Universe? All will be answered in Original Sin! But first – who is the Watcher? That’s what Nova is wondering after his latest brush with the moon-dwelling enigma he’s encountered before!


“If you know nothing about Uatu, or you’re not up on what his deal is right now, the story in Original Sin #0 will give you all of the information you need,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in an interview with “[Presented] in the context of an emotionally affecting story featuring the Watcher and Nova – and leave you ready for him to turn up as a cold, dead corpse in Original Sin #1 and understand why that is so very unsettling and dangerous a situation.”


Join Nova as he uncovers a startling secret that will have a profound effect on the young hero, as well as prime the pump for the most cataclysmic event in Marvel history! The marquee comics event of the year kicks off this April in ORIGINAL SIN #0!

Original Sin #0
Written by: Mark Waid
Art & Cover by: Jim Cheung
Variant Cover by: Paolo Rivera
On-Sale 04/23/14

Original Sin #0
Images Provided by Marvel Entertainment

Original Sin #0

Original Sin #0

Original Sin #0

Original Sin #0

Original Sin #0Images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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