Here’s a bit of good news for nerds who foster a deep nostalgia for 1980’s cinema: Boom! Studios has partnered with Eric Powell (“The Goon”) and Brian Churilla (“The Secret Files of D.B. Cooper”) to produce a comic book sequel to the 1986 cult-film “Big Trouble in Little China.” In addition to creating the covers of each issue, Powell will be penning the story—with a little help from John Carpenter—and Churilla will be illustrating.

From a creative standpoint, it’s tough to picture a team of people that are better suited for this project. Powell’s zombie-noir comic “The Goon” has the same vibe of weird-ass urban fantasy that was so prominent in Carpenter’s film, and Churilla is no stranger to bringing bizarre creatures to droolingly colorful life. 

According to an interview with USA Today, Powell explained that the story picks up right where the film ended, which, if you remember, finds Jack Burton trucking into the rainy night with that horrifying ape-monster stowing away on the Pork Chop Express. Powell went on to say that Burton actually befriends the creature, and the two become the Han Solo and Chewbacca of Chinatown’s demonic underworld. Thus far, Powell has mentioned that familiar characters like Wang Chi and Egg Shen will also return.

The first issue is set for release on June 4, and you can bet your six-demon bag that I’ll be visiting my local comic book shop for this piece of fried gold.

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