24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY- Action drama created by Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow; rated TV-14; airs Mondays on FOX; 60 minutes. Episode 9.4: “2:00 PM-3:00 PM” (original airdate, May 19, 2014).  (9 out 10).

We started the episode off in true “24” fashion by jumping straight into the events of last week where we were left on the cliffhanger of Jack’s fake ID not working and his having to shoot two citizens in the crowd to cover his break-in to the embassy while everyone made a mad dash to get away from gunfire.

Jack tracked down where Lieutenant Tanner was being held and got his flight key in order to prove Tanner’s innocence in the drone attack.

As Jack headed for the exit, I was impressed with his ease in outsmarting those in his path. He had no problems finding Tanner (with Chloe’s help of course), and I figured that, as usual, Chloe would find him some sort of escape hatch, and Jack would be on his way. It wasn’t long however that Jack found himself at a dead end. What mattered most was the flight key, so he found a room with some hostages and began an upload of the data.

Meanwhile, Heller and Audrey finally found out about Jack after Heller’s speech to Parliament (who had been hostile to him moments before but seemed to like what he said -- must have been some speech). Parliament's being so easily placated bothered me, but in order for Heller to be interesting in this episode, it was needed.

On the terrorist side of things, Naveed got cold feet and planned to run away with his wife. After he confided in her, she of course ran and told her mother Margot (Michelle Fairley). To persuade Naveed to do what he signed up for, Margot started to cut off her own daughter's fingers one by one until he agreed. Luckily for her, she only lost a pinkie.

Heller and Audrey's finding out that Jack was not only in London but had taken hostages was my second favorite part of the episode. They clearly want to trust Jack, but Heller does hate him. After all, this is the man who was responsible for Audrey’s mental break down, so I understood where Heller was coming from.

The greatest part of the episode happened as Jack got a phone call from none other than President Heller. It was in this scene that Sutherland really showcased his talent. Jack is fueled with anger, but it is shadowed by the respect he has for the office of the President. Jack asked for more time to finish the upload, but Heller wasn't convinced.

The best 'Jack' moment this week was when Heller asked Jack how he knew that he just grazed the protesters he shot and, Jack with complete confidence responded, “Because I pulled the trigger.”

The episode ended with Jack being taken into CIA custody, and Margot choosing which drones to attack London. The writers did a wonderful job of capturing each character's personality and motivation for what they’re doing. Next week, I hope we get to see the clock jump forward a little bit since it’s just been hour after hour like before. Now is a perfect to time to fast-forward the clock because the tension between Jack and the CIA is over, and Margot is trying to decide what drones to use. There are only 12 episodes this season, and next week is number five so they need to jump forward soon.

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode. It was well written, and the entire cast did an amazing job. There wasn’t one moment during the episode that bored me; I was glued to my TV from the start to the end. The show continues to build and keeps getting better, and I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for Jack.


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