Is the storm over for Ania Solo? Wanted for the murder of an Imperial Knight, hunted by a mysterious bounty hunter, and pelted by acidic rain on a hostile world without her friends, things can only get better for Ania Solo, right? Minor spoilers for Star Wars: Legacy #15 ( profile) ahead.

Summary: Things get better for a moment - AG finds Ania and carries her to safety before succumbing to the acid rain. Then the bounty hunter shows up, fresh from escaping from Jao Assam. The hunter reveals her true plot - she's a former prison guard who took Solo's identity, except that pesky wanted for murder has caught up to both of them, and she's decided to frame her crime squarely on the real Solo. Luckily Jao catches up, and Ania finds that vehicles make for good battle-enders. But the Triumvirate's forces have finally caught up with Ania, and she is carted back off to the capital, where both Yalta Val and Jao Assam deliver testimony and proof of Ania's innocence. But Jao's appearance means capture for him for his desertion, and that carries a death penalty, until a stranger with a lightsaber shows up at his cell.  

Star Wars Legacy #15

Review: Was not expecting this issue to go where it did - sure it got Ania out of her jam, but Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman managed to get some emotional response out of this reader when AG asks Ania to deactivate him to prevent permanent damage. And then Jao's sacrifice play in the courtroom. Well done! Overall, more great story from the Legacy team. And a hook for the next issue. and a good reason to not put your ship on a remote. Bam! I enjoyed the courtroom scenes as much as the action in the cave, primarily because the court knows this is a farce but they are getting called on it. 

Lots of good art panels throughout the issue, including my fave - Jao's "I have evidence!" entry into the courtroom, with his exhibit A in hand. The shot of AG carrying Ania in the rain is also a favorite, but then again, I love that droid. Who doesn't?

Overall, a big thumbs up for both story and art - I am going to be really sad when this series winds down.

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