Here at Big Shiny Robot, we’re fans of Kevin Smith. In fact Swankmotron sat down with Smith at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

He’s a personal favorite of this bot, both because of the movies he’s made and the presence he maintains with fans. Smith’s podcast, “Smodcast,” was one of the first podcasts I discovered way back when they had only 14 episodes. Smith and his “Smodcast” co-host Scott Mosier have come a long way since those early shows and just yesterday posted their 300th episode.

What started as a single weekly show has spawned dozens of others which now comprise Smith’s podcast empire and is also proving to be a conduit to the screen, both large and small. “Tell ‘em Steve Dave,” another podcast on the “Smodcast” network was the inspiration for AMC’s “Comic Book Men.” Episodes of Smith’s varied podcasts have also been inspiration for movies including “Anti-Claus” a Christmas horror anthology, “Helena Handbag” a movie the return of Christ as a giant Godzilla like monster, and “Tusk” set to release later this year. You can read more about “Tusk” here.

Smith’s podcasts are usually recorded in Los Angeles where he lives, but on occasion he takes his shows on the road, doing them live on stages or at venues across the country. Whenever Smith announces a tour I always check to see if there are any dates in Utah, but he’s never made it to the beehive state outside of visiting Sundance. That is, until now.

Smith will be appearing with Will Wilkins and Trent Hunsaker of the podcast “Netheads” and Jason Mewes of the podcast “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” at 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM respectively on June 15th at Death Ray Comics in Logan, Utah. 

Death Ray Comics is located at 72 West Center Street in Logan. Smith's appearance is part of the store's one year anniversary celebration begins next Friday, June 13. In addition to Sunday's shows there will be a special screening of the documentary "Legends of the Knight" with chronicles the experiences of people who have overcome adversity or struggle with the help of "Batman."

Tickets to the live podcasts are limited and can be found at SeeSmod.

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