Enter "Entwined," a game made by a small team of college graduate developers who sought to fuse art and experience. It's clear that the team had a strong focus in illustration and animation, but I'm also looking forward to checking out the twin-stick mechanics that they've chosen to weave you through their tale. 

In "Entwined," you take control of two souls that are hopelessly in love, but have been kept apart. Utilizing each of the analog sticks, you'll collect items as you scroll froward and try to unite the lovers.  As you try to bring them closer together, you will travel through nine unique lifetimes as the game grows in complexity. Mild spoiler from the video below - every time you unite the couple, they transform into DRAGONS! The concept, in of itself, is a great way to immerse the player in an artistic experience, and to include the less-utilized (in gaming) themes of unrequited love. (Let's face it, everybody can get behind a relationship that culminates in dragonhood!


I think the chance of pace is a good one. Why would you just announce a ton of titles coming far in the future, when you can also use E3 as a great opportunity to give your newly available titles some love? It costs SO MUCH to present at E3, so I'm honestly pretty impressed (and happy!) that they've devoted some time to this student-created title. 

Check out the video from today's E3 presentation here, and pick up the game on PSN.


and story-based Trophies? They've got 'em! Check out the pre-release list here: 



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