If you missed the Treehouse live event yesterday, you missed a good amount of information on some new IP coming to the WiiU. Shigeru Miyamoto has been locked away working on content that uses the WiiU Gamepad in conjunction with the games, to heighten the WiiU experience. What he has come up with thus far, aside from a new "Starfox" that will be shown at a later date, is a few things that look entertaining.

First: Miyamoto showed off "Project Giant Robot", the player takes control of a robot they have built to battle other machines over cities. The goal is to knock over the opposing robot in a sumo-style match. The gamepad gives you a first-person view from the robots eyes, while the screen will show the two battling machines.


Photo: Project Giant Robot


Next Miyamoto demoed Project Guardian. This modified tower defense has you placing cameras with lasers around your base to defend from incoming enemies. The game pad gives you a single camera view and control of the defenses, while the television displays all cameras. People watching you play can then tell you which camera has baddies on it, for you to switch views and destroy.


Photo: Project Guardian


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