Sometimes you see something and you think to yourself, this was meant for me! I am destined to own this! This is the way I feel about the Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m a little bit of a Spielberg fan. A little bit. So when my friend at From Director Steven Spielberg posted a link to the collection, I may have jumped up and down in excitement.

I don’t even care that it lacks so many of his other great films. Because what it does contain is 8 discs, each with a movie and bonus features.  And, as this collection is released by Universal Sony Home Pictures, one wouldn’t expect it to have films distributed by another company. While the exclusion of "Indiana Jones" (Paramount) is understandable, the omission of “Schindler’s List” is certainly disappointing.  

But, bonus features!  To give a hint at some of the extras, the “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” disc contains:

  •   Deleted Scenes
  •   Steven Spielberg & E.T.
  •   The E.T. Journals
  •   A Look Back
  •   The Evolution and Creation of E.T.
  •   The E.T. Reunion
  •   The Music of E.T. : A Discussion with John Williams
  •   The 20th Anniversary Premiere
  •   Designs, Photographs and Marketing
  •   Theatrical Trailer
  •   Special Olympics TV Spot
  •   My Scenes

John Williams? Discussing his music? Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming.

The other films included in the set are “Duel,” “Sugarland Express,” “Jaws,” “1941,” “Always,” “Jurassic Park,” and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”

An interesting mix.  Huge action blockbusters mixed with more leisurely paced films.

The Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection will be available beginning October 14, 2014. Suggested retail price is $139.99.


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