I have a terrible sneeze reflex. I'm one of those annoyingly loud ach-chooers Due to this embarrassing trait, I will usually try and block a sneeze at all costs. I've heard the myths and urban legends. Your eyes will pop out, you'll end up with a brain aneurysm, It could burst an eardrum or both, It'll break your back and could even cause death. So, it was good that I got my hands on both Chu's Day & Chu's First Day Of School.

The rhythm of the text is simple but engaging, the language is clever, and the expressions of the characters are priceless. The illustrations by Adam Rex are beautiful, full of detail, and really bring Gaiman's words to life. However, these books are more than just words and pictures...they are life lessons. No longer will I guide out a sneeze as gently as possible or will I suppress that tickle in my nose. Chu is my power animal and I have unlocked the secret to just let it go. Tissues not included.

My Daughter, Elektron (13), read these books to her little sister, Lolabot (2)- She ended up having to read them again and again. Elektron got such a kick out of these that SHE decided to review them. 

Chu's Day by Neil Gaiman (Author) & Adam Rex (Illustrator.) Published January 8th 2013 by HarperCollins. Hardcover 30 pages.

Well, first thing…the art is very nice and cute. The scenes have very great details in them. I like it very much when Chu is about to sneeze but doesn’t. A very cool thing I noticed is that there was a snail in every scene. EVERY single one. Overall, the book is very creative. It reminds me of the YouTube video of the sneezing Panda. These stories could be the next favorite children’s book. Kids would love to interact with books like this. It would be really good if it were a Pop Up Book. For example, when Chu would sneeze, you could pull out a flap that was a HUGE gust of wind. The only thing that I disliked about the book was that it ends very fast and Chu didn’t help clean up at all. I know that younger kids probably wouldn’t think anything of it, but on the back it says the smallest child can do the biggest things. It basically states that the biggest things can be good, but also bad. He’s destroying a circus, library and a diner. Other than that, everything is fun and exciting. I think kids everywhere will love this story.

Chu's First Day Of School by Neil Gaiman (Author) & Adam Rex (Illustrator.) Published June 24th 2014 by HarperCollins. Hardcover, 32 pages.

My little sister, Lola, loves Chu the Panda! She wants to hug him and cuddle him. She also loved all the animals! The pictures are amazing, filled with color, and very thorough. I know what it's like to be worried about the first day of school. Chu was being very shy, and when he sneezed, he was being himself. Everybody liked him for that! I think this book gives a great message for kids to be themselves. Also, this book wraps up very nicely in the end and I would love to see more at what Chu does with his schoolmates. This book was wonderful.


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