There's a trailer for Firefly's MMO! Even better, PCGamer is reporting that the original voice cast is coming back to reprise their roles! You can check out the game's official site for more information...though as I'm writing this, the site is down. The traffic from the release of the trailer crashed their server.

I absolutely love Firefly. I mean, who doesn't? But as a major fan of the franchise, I've lost a lot of steam. The show premiered in 2002 for crying out loud. We've been incredibly lucky that we got a movie, comic books, and continual appearances by the cast at various conventions over the past decade.

So this game is basically icing on the cake. No, it doesn't look like the best game ever. And there's more than a slight chance that it will turn out to be a generic MMO that's lacking in features, since it's being released on mobile platforms as well as PC.

I don't expect much after watching the trailer, but it does look interesting. You can customize your own ship (inside and out), fly through space with a crew, and basically live out every fantasy you've ever had since seeing the show all those years ago.

Maybe it won't be a great game, but I think it will be a nice addition to the staggering amount of content added to the history of a TV show that was cancelled in its first season.

Check out the trailer below.

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