The newest trailer for "Shadow of Mordor" is here and the story looks awesome! Check it out below.

I got super excited when I saw this. I love the books and the movies but by no means am I an expert on the Tolkien lore. So I went to one of my friends, Jason Larsen, who is and asked him what he thought. Here's what he had to say:

""I have been following this for sometime now. The lore breaking is rampant, but honestly, it's a video game. I will be playing this for sure. As a Tolkien fan I am excited they are bringing in the character Celebrimbor (the last of the line of Feanor, the greatest craftsmen of the Eldar) and the only problem I have is that he isn't really a fighter. He was duped by Annatar (Sauron) and given knowledge to craft the rings of power, but this by no means gives him power in combat. He was taken by Sauron and tortured to death to give up the location of the rings, but I *think* his family was free from this fate. He is a big character in the lore, but they really could have brought in another elf with a personal gripe against Sauron. Or a Dunedain for that matter. Personally I would have gone with Eanur, the Last King of Gondor who was captured by The Witch King and never heard from again. He was a bad ass, until he wasn't. Overall I'm pretty stoked for this game."

So there you have it. What do you think internet, will this game be the "Lord of the Rings" game to rule them all?

"Shadow of Mordor" launches on XBOX, Playstation and PC September 30, 2014.

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