A new trading card game and table top gaming convention/tournament is coming to Utah in October. Salt City Gladiator Games is in its first year and will be held in Farmington at the Legacy Events Center October 24 and 25, 2014. The event has the goal “To promote fair and friendly sportsmanship between hobby enthusiasts.”

The event will include tournaments in “Magic: The Gathering,” “Warhammer 40k,” and “Warmachine/Horde” with tickets starting at $20.00 for “MTG” only and $40 for complete access. $100 VIP tickets are also available. In addition to gaming tournaments there will also be a figure painting competition hosted by the Geek Garage

As the great Wil Wheaton said ""Gaming is the foundation of the best friendships I’ve ever had, and it’s the mortar that has held my group of friends together for almost 25 years... Games are important. Games matter." 

The world needs more people playing games, and Salt City Gladiator Games is here to make that happen. Event details below.



Magic: The Gathering Event Details


Schedule of Events


Friday: Standard Main Event 

Start Time: 2 PM

Price: INCLUDED WITH Magic: The Gathering Pass

Prizes:  Winner is guaranteed a box of Khans of Tarkir!  Other prizes to be determined based on the turnout for the event.


Saturday Modern Main Event

Start Time:  11 AM

Price:  INCLUDED WITH Magic: The Gathering Pass

Prizes:  Winner is guaranteed a box of MODERN MASTERS!  Other prizes to be determined based on the turnout for the event.

Gamer's Asylum Sponsored Events 


Friday Night Magic Standard Constructed

Start Time:  6 PM

Price:  FREE!

Prizes:  A fat pack of Khans of Tarkir and Promo Cards from Magic.


Saturday Legacy

Start Time:  4 PM

Price:  $10

Prizes:  TBD

All day Friday and all day Saturday Gamer's Asylum will be taking sign ups for 8 man Khans of Tarkir draft for $15 and will start every time they get 8 people.   Also Gamer's Asylum will run $12 Constructed tournaments (any format they can get 8 people for) with the winner getting a Box of Khans of Tarkir!

Warhammer 40k Event Details


Warhammer 40k 7th Edition 

30 Players (15 Tables)
This year we will be using the Bay Area Open (1850 points) format as part of the Independent Tournament Circuit. The 40K tournament FAQ can be found here http://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/40k-faq/


Day 1 = Random
Day 2 = Seeded by score

Must use the same list for both Friday and Saturday.

Schedule of 40k Events: 

  • 10:00am  Doors Open, 40k Registration Begins
  • 10:30am  40k Registration Closes, Set-up Game 1
  • 10:45am  Game 1 Begins
  • 12:45pm  Game 1 Ends, Lunch Begins
  • 1:30pm    Lunch Ends, Game 2 Set-Up
  • 1:45pm    Game 2 Begins
  • 3:45pm    Game 2 Ends, Game 3 Set-Up Begins
  • 4:00pm    Game 3 Begins
  • 6:00pm    Game 3 Ends

Warmachine and Hordes Event Details



Masters qualifier

After four rounds the event will end, and the top 16 players will qualify for the masters final on Saturday.

Young Bloods

The event will be played with timed turns with casual time limits.

This event is designed for newer players, but any player wanting a more casual environment are welcome to participate.


Masters finals

Who’s the Boss?!

  • Registration begins 10:00 AM
  • First round begins 11:00 AM
  • Lunch break after first round
  • Bring a 35 point list with 6 beast/jack points, but NO WARCASTER. Every round you’ll be given the option of two casters from outside of your faction to lead your forces. All warcaster/warlock rules will change to reflect which side of the game you’re playing. Warcaster models will be provided for you. One of the funnest formats in Warmachine!

28 seats available


There will be NO painting requirement for this event. Master Craftsman will still be awarded to the player with the best fully painted list.

28 seats available


More information can be found at the Salt City Gladiator Games page, I hope to see you all there. 

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