‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: An Open Letter to James Gunn and Kevin Feige

Hello Gentlemen,

Firstly, let me thank you for the wonderful entertainment you have both provided over the last decade and more – Mr. Feige with your involvement in building and guiding both creatively and strategically Marvel Studios, and Mr. Gunn for "PG Porn", "Slither", "Super" and everything else you have been involved in.

Mr. Gunn has stated that Rocket Racoon is the heart of the movie, I would disagree and say that the movie ‘is’ Rocket Racoon, not that “Guardians” is held up entirely because of the Rocket, but that metaphorically the movie is indeed Rocket. It is shabby, smart, anarchic, funny, and itching to prove itself.

And is the only thing like it in the universe.

And as sad as I was at the end of the movie, not wanting our time together to end so quickly, I was sadder at the thought that there would be more. And the chances of that more reaching the heights of this one feel so very slim. There wouldn’t just be one, lonely and lovely, grumpy and jumpy, Rocket, but two. And then three, and four, and a couple where he potentially buddies up with the Incredible Hulk, or Thor, or Black Widow. (Actually, strike that last one – that could be pretty awesome. ...Though, maybe Howard the Duck and Black Widow would be more awesomer.)

I realize what I am asking here is impossible based on the current economics of the film industry. An industry so voracious that it happily and regularly doubles down on bland familiarity, rather than on the big original ideas. But still, it would be nice, once, not to immediately start stressing the next adventures of whoever just hit the cinemaplex. Film has become serialized TV with bigger budgets and less ideas, and it is very ensaddening.

The truth is, though, that if we must have a sequel, I would rather it be made by you two, rather than wait until Mr. Feige’s contract with Marvel/Disney to be up and he has moved on to more interesting things (what those would be, I have no idea), and Mr. Gunn is rolling happily in scented flowers and dining with Spielberg and Bay, and Avi Arad sneaks back in and does a Guardians Vs Venom movie with Brett Ratner.

But just once, I would like a movie to be insanely successful, break new ground, and then not have a follow up rushed into production to capitalize on it. It would be nice to have a metaphorical Rocket Racoon, in all his anarchic glory, stand tall by himself.

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