During their Japanese "3DS Direct" Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS Xl, releasing October 11, 2014 in Japan. As of right now they haven't given any information regarding a U.S. release for this year, but the system is definitely overhauled to be bigger and better. 

The New 3DS


A few key points for the system are the removable storage area on the bottom that houses the battery and a port for a micro sd card. The new system will also feature more powerful processing, a new way to view 3d, and an NFC reader to integrate with the Amiibo toys.


NFC reader for Amiibos


Along with the NFC reader the system will also have a control stick C on the right side just above the buttons. This will be for Monster Hunter 4g, Dragon Quest X: Online, Final Fantasy Explorers and hopefully others. The 3d on the system has also been improved, so it will not blur when viewing from side angles. The screen will also adjust brightness automatically depending on ambient light. 


The new buttons with "C-Stick" positioned just above


Launching this new system also gives way to releasing New 3DS exclusives that will help move the masses towards upgrading. The color scheme for the buttons is also similar to the Super Nintendo controllers (which I happen to prefer).

What do you folks think, will you be upgrading if this comes stateside?

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