From the comic newbie to those who have holds older than I am, everyone walks into a comic shop with a preconceived notion of what they are looking for, and that normally means someone with superpowers in tights. X-Men, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, The Avengers, Batman -- these are all wonderful comics with a deep and incredibly interesting history that everybody who loves the art form should be familiar with. I don't think I'll ever forget the first time I read "The Killing Joke", "The Dark Phoenix Saga" (which actually got me into comics as a kid) or "The Age of Apocalypse", and there are countless of others that we could all add to that list.

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The great thing here was that Kiley Wachs (Vagatron), Jeremiah Lupo (Androidika) and the rest of the panelists weren't trying to take away from superhero comics or what they have done for the medium; their main point was to bring to light comics that either most people aren't aware of or just hadn't gotten around to reading. Sure, a lot of us have read "Preacher", or "Y:The Last Man", and it's easy to take for granted that not everyone is as familiar with these classics as a lot of us are. Don't just assume that your best friend has read "The Watchmen".

What about parents who want to introduce their kids to comics? What would be best to recommend for them that would also be enjoyable for an adult to read as well? What graphic novel is a must-read for any comics lover, and what is the best way to support your local comic creator and community (hint: stay away from Barnes and Noble and Amazon).

Everyone did a tremendous job fielding these questions and more, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy hearing what they had to say.

Click here to check out the audio for yourself!

Audio not yet available but will be shortly. 

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