I love well-timed announcements from publishers and nothing is more well-timed than a horror genre announcement in October. Dark Horse excels at well-timed Halloween season announcements because Dark Horse excels at horror. A big part of the reason for Dark Horse’s engrained talent is ongoing series like “Hellboy” and “B.P.R.D” by Mike Mignola. Mignola’s beautiful but horrific pencils have given nightmares life and thrilled readers for decades. With a nod to the past, Mignola will be continuing his legacy with one of the original monsters Frankenstein with his upcoming graphic novel “Frankenstein Underground”.

The five issue miniseries will have covers by Mignola, who is the writer of the story. Covering the interiors will be Ben Stenbeck who you may recognize from his work on the “Baltimore” and “Witchfinder” comics. The series itself will revolve around the Frankenstein monster. He is, as usual, alone and away from humanity as he stalks the underground. The Frankenstein monster will discover that he isn’t the real monster in the underground because there are dark secrets in the deep. Mignola is putting Frankenstein’s monster in the heart of the “B.P.R.D” universe for the second time. The first time he appeared in that continuity being in Mignola and Richard Corben’s “House of the Living”. It is clear Mike Mignola only brings out this character when he is working with the best talent in horror comic books.

This comic is not to be missed by long-time fans of the “Hellboy” universe because, as he is in the Mary Shelley novel’s, Frankenstein is curious and yearns for knowledge. With that curiosity, Dark Horse is claiming Frankenstein’s monster will uncover the truth behind secrets at the core of the Mignolaverse. Be on the lookout for "Frankenstein Underground" early 2015.

Frankenstein Underground coming for 2015
Image: Craveonline

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