Marvel comics has had a series of big announcements hit the Internet since the beginning of October, through New York Comic Con, and continuing through today. I’m going to quickly hit on each one due out this winter. Marvel Comics is bringing back some oldies, moving on from some classics, and letting their writers do their best to tip their hat to the best stories from last decade.

First up was the announcement that Marvel is giving fan favorite Great Lakes Avenger Squirrel Girl her own book this January. The certain to be winter hit will be another welcome addition to the increasing number of female lead books in capes and tights comics. Not to let the guys have all of the fun, Squirrel Girl will first face off against Kraven the Hunter in “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1”. Eisner award recipient Ryan North will write the book alongside artist Erica Henderson.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment

Another book coming this January is a follow up from the writer who recently killed off James “Logan” Howlett in “The Death of Wolverine”, Charles Soule. The talented writer with recent hit after hit will be telling the story of the people who will take up Logan’s mantle – or rather his claws. “Wolverines #1” will be heading to comic book shelves with a SNIKT and a growl courtesy of co-writer Ray Fawkes and artist Nick Bradshaw. The Internet has already decided that Sabretooth is the next Wolverine but he’ll have some competition courtesy of X-23, Daken, Mystique, and Lady Deathstrike.

Wolverines #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment 

Another Avenger getting a title will be the continuation of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop with "Hawkeye #1". The Eisner winning series from Matt Fraction and David Aja was a refreshing change for mainstream comics. It has ushered in an era of exciting art choices alongside contemporary story telling. Taking up the book after it's large success will be Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez. Lemire recently left DC Comics "Green Arrow" book after an amazing run with Andrea Sorrentino. I for one, am extremely excited to get more Lemire stories about archers and I'm hoping Sorrentino will guest on the book at some point just for all of his "Green Arrow" faithful like me.

Hawkeye #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment 

Another X Title getting an announcement was “Amazing X-Men #15”. The title will see the rebirth of The Unstoppable Juggernaut. Will the Gem of Cyttorak return to Cain Marko or will someone else claim the blessing that is an inter-dimensional curse? Chris Yost will write the title alongside Jorge Fornes on art duties. This title will also see the light of day January of 2015.

Amazing X-Men #15
Image: Marvel Entertainment 

Coming to televisions soon is the “Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.” offshoot staring the people that started Shield, Peggy Carter and Howard Stark. This winter Marvel is also bringing those characters to the pages of comics in “Operation S.I.N.”. The series will be a mini expected to go for 5 issues. It will be written by Kathryn Immonen with art by Rich Ellis and it will star the first man on the wall, Woodrow McCord.

Operation S.I.N. #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment

Before the upcoming 2015 summer blockbuster Ant-Man will be the 2015 winter comic release of “Ant-Man #1” by Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas. Of course the big question is, who will be the man under the mask? Marvel has announced that Scott Lang will see the next evolution of his character after his stint watching the world for Reed Richard and the Fantastic Four in “FF”.

Ant-Man #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment

Another big female character to get her own book will be the Spider-Woman herself, Jessica Drew. She will be coming to a comic page near you soon in “Spider-Woman #1” by Dennis Hopeless with art by Greg Land. This book will be launching directly out of Spider-Verse alongside the news of Spider-Gwen getting her own series. The cover features Jessica next to newcomer Silk. Will we be seeing the rise of a new Spider-Woman or will the longtime webbed wonder Drew be showing Silk the ropes to the webs?

Spider-Woman #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment

Last, but not least, is the announcement of the fall of Tony Stark. Of course, from his perspective, he’ll just be embracing the bastard in himself and not succumbing to booze so he’ll see it more as a victory. After the fall out of “Original Sin” and the currently running “Avengers & X-Men: Axis” series, Iron Man will become better in “Superior Iron Man #1”. It’s won’t be Doctor Octopus in Stark’s head though, he’ll just be moving to San Francisco and releasing Extremis 3.0 onto the citizens of that city.

Superior Iron Man #1
Image: Marvel Entertainment


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