As always, “Five & Three” brings you my favorite things in comics this week. Every week I pick my five favorite covers and three favorite panels to create “Five & Three”. I like to talk about why I picked the covers and panels and welcome hecklers and trend setters alike. 

This week we’re running the late night edition of the article because of schedules, Halloween parties, and general malaise. After that intro, how excited are you for these covers and panels now?

First up this week is the amazing first issue of “Edward Scissorhands” from IDW. The cover by Gabriel Rodriguez is only have the magic because the interiors are a cut above the rest. Drew Rausch has stylized this book so similar to the “Beetlejuice” cartoon from the 90’s You have to see it to believe it. Speaking of which, where’s my “Beetlejuice” book IDW? While you’re taking requests, could you put Jake Parker on it?

Edward Scissorhands

I loved “Colder” last year from Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra. I can’t wait to be thrilled and chilled during the Halloween season and this book is my first pick for the genre. Dark Horse is making me a "happy trick or treater" releasing the latest story in the "Colder" series.

Colder The Bad Seed #1

I find my best variants by browsing shops, getting tips from readers, and by a wonderful site called 13thdimension. This week I found two great comics they’ve posted. This week I went with a wonderful “Catwoman” variant to issue #35 by Joshua Middleton. After that, catch a hilarious cover by Amanda Conner for an issue of “Harley Quinn” where she changes costumes with Powergirl. I knew Powergirl was tall but I didn’t know she had such a large boob window too.

Catwoman #35 Variant
Harley Quinn #11
Images from

Last cover for the week is “Sheltered” from Image comics by Johnnie Christmas. I like this more than any of the haunted covers above simply because of the colors and the negative space composition. It’s my favorite cover this week.

Sheltered #12


Panels this week were easy. I’m leading with Constantine because of his new TV series premiering tonight and because I liked his quip about Anthony Bourdain in “New 52 Futures End #25”.

New 52 Futures End #25

I think ol’ Cap is pissed!

Avengers #37

Mark Millar and Gorlan Parlov made a great space serial throwback book and now it’s over with the sixth issue of “Starlight” that came out this week. I loved every minute of the book and I’ll probably end up getting it in trade to loan out. I highly suggest you meet up with me to talk about it or borrow it.

Starlight #6

That’s all for this week. If you disagree with a pick, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MarkAvo or on Instagram @TheMarkAvo. If you think I should’ve picked something else or if you have a pick in mind for next week, give me a shout out and let me know. If you’d like to check out more “Five and Three” comic book moments start with “Five and Three” from last week. Until next week, party on Garth!

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