As always, “Five & Three” brings you my favorite things in comics this week. Every week I pick my five favorite covers and three favorite panels to create “Five & Three”. I like to talk about why I picked the covers and panels and welcome hecklers and trend setters alike. 

Happy Halloween edition of “Five and Three”! With that in mind, let’s start off with “Boo! Halloween” From Monkey Brain comics.

Boo! Halloween

Next up is a wonderful cover from “Ciudad” by Andre Parks, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo and art by Fernando Leon Gonzalez. Cuidad is a another wonderful creator owned title from Oni Press. Oni is a demon in Japan so that’s perfect for this spooky time of year!

Ciudad #1

Batman is a must for any Halloween so I’m including him from the cover to the very cool “The New 52 Futures End #26”.

The New 52 Futures End #26

I have loved the cover to “Elecktra #7” since I first set eyes on it. The masked feel is another wonderful cover for the season.

Elecktra #7

The last cover this week is in honor of the end to Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s wonderful run on Wonder Woman with "Wonder Woman #35". The ending was perfect but this monster cover is perfect for the season.

Wonder Woman #35

In panels I’m giving you a peek behind the curtain of the book that tells the story of how Thanos, Drax, and Starlord escaped the Cancerverse over in “Guardians of the Galaxy #20”.

Guardians of the Galaxy #20

Saga goes away until 2015 with a spectacular fast forward issue. Lying Cat has one of his best moments in comics in the latest issue so go get it. Don’t forget though, that the limited edition hard cover comes out next month. That edition is perfect for gifts and for anyone who wants to share “Saga” with friends or family.

Saga #24

The last panel this week is from the magically dark “Rasputin #1” from Image comics. I am very excited for this book and it’s a nice refresh from the sci-fi that seemed to be taking over creator owned titles in the last year.

Rasputin #1

That’s all for this week. If you disagree with a pick, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MarkAvo or on Instagram @TheMarkAvo. If you think I should’ve picked something else or if you have a pick in mind for next week, give me a shout out and let me know. If you’d like to check out more “Five and Three” comic book moments start with “Five and Three” from last week. Until next week, Trick-Or-Treat!

Your treat is the variant to "All-New X-Men #33":
All-New X-Men #33

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