Peter Jackson's final installment for his Tolkien cinematic universe will arrive in just over a month, and my level of excitement has reached a point that has rendered me to goosebumps, misty eyes, and incoherent half sentences and squees. Behold, your final trailer:

Men, Elves, (spoilers)*, and (spoilers)* against an army of Orcs and goblins that is 10,000 strong. The battle for Erebor seems insignificant when we are aware of the quests and battles to come, but Jackson is still throwing all the love and skill he can muster into this climax. Everyone I know, both IRL and internetty, is likely completely sick of my raving, but I cannot wait. I cannot wait. 

Here are the things that made me irrationally and embarrassingly giddy:

  • BATS!!
  • Thorin!
  • Exactly zero reveals in the trailer! Unheard of!
  • Dat score!
  • Callback to the call to arms that opened Fellowship (easily one of my favorite shots in cinematic history)!!

Yes, I still throw a little shade at the romance, but really it compares to a big ol' carrot cake that has like a centimeter of missing icing at this point. For all the hard core nerds out there - all of you who have imagining this since childhood, who are actually glad for the inclusion of the appendices and those background stories - I wish I could rent a theater and share this with you. As it stands I'll just be crying on some stranger's shoulder. 

* I know it's a 75 year old book. I still don't want to ruin this. "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" hits US theaters on December 17th.

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