Satan’s Top Five Favorite Movies

I recently had the chance to sit down with Satan, the Devil (tm), Lord of Darkness (tm) and we took a few moments to talk about our favorite movies. Here are his top 5 favorites with a little explanation on why for each.


The Devil’s Rain

“Back from a time when low-budget horror movies had real actors in them. Not like today when they have just pretty faces. And specifically William Shatner before he was a self-parody. Ernest Borgnine is seriously scary. I wish I could carry the easy gravitas of damnation that he does in this. And when he goes all super evil and gets possessed by me and grows those horns. So awesome. To be honest, though, I haven’t actually worn the horns for several centuries, they are mostly just decorative anyway. I still pull them out sometimes when I have guests over, but usually only for a couple of minutes for a laugh. Also, lots of very cool melt-y faces.“


The Exorcist

“Ha, this one is awesome. It is really scary, and gross. Perfect late night viewing, especially if you are on a first date. I get a lot of people asking me all the time how true it is and that is the best part. I got more press from this than the night I hung out with Fatty Arbuckle. The truth is, none of it is true. And I didn’t have anything to do with it. The real story that inspired the filmmakers was about a boy, with a lot of personal issues. He was throwing rocks and things across the rooms while people were ignoring him and stuff. He was a real brat. I did go to the Italian premiere, though, and that was a real party.”


Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey

“Not only is it a very funny movie all on its own, but William Sadler, who plays Death, is a really good friend. Plus, if you know the actual Death like I know him, it is way way funnier. A lot of inside jokes there. Too much to go into right now.”


Left Behind

“Funniest movie in history. Seriously. I don’t know who came up with the Rapture idea originally, but it is a pretty hilarious concept and then to see a movie about it that takes is so seriously is even better. Plus, Nick Cage!! This movie is pure win all around. You can’t lose with it. Unless, you believe it is true. Then... well, you know.”



“I just really like John Cusack, and Kate Beckinsale is flat out hot. Eve in the garden wishes she looked as good as Kate on her worst day. This is a don’t miss.”


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