"Supernatural" Episode 10.7 - "Girls, Girls, Girls." Starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard; Written by Robert Berens; Directed by Robert Singer.

Man. That was one misleading preview last week, yeah? I was led to believe this would be an episode full of smooching and uncomfortable nudity and Crowley being devious while our Brothers Winchester are in the middle making quips and ...

Well, I guess that's actually exactly what the episode was, but while our preview implied a lighthearted Motley Crue farce this was a rather dark hour. 

It started out lightly enough: Sam and Dean are enjoying some well deserved steak and beer when Sam discovers Dean has been sexting on a dating site (uername Impala67, natch). While he educates the less-than-tech-savvy Dean on internet expectations vs. reality, Dean's date strolls in and whisks him away. But it's Dean Winchester, and that poor sumbitch just never gets a happy ending - not only is his date expecting payment for her company, she expects a soul for currency. Well lady you hooked up with the wrong john, 'cause Sam and Dean don't pay for nookie and also they hunt demons for a living so there's that. 

The Dark:

  • Cole catches up to Dean and is fully prepared to use all the demon killing tricks he's learned in the past few weeks, but whoops! Dean isn't a demon anymore. He's just a deeply flawed dude. Cole is unprepared for this confession, and blindly accepts the story of his own monstrous father and Dean's martyrdom. While Dean's speech was powerful, it was hardly unexpected or original. I have to admit that I'm a little tired of the man's man posturing the brothers do with each other, only to give a powerful reveal to some subplot character elsewhere in the season. Example: Brother to brother - "Yup, nope, I'm fine, hunky dory, manly and all." Brother to stranger - "I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel. And I don't deserve to be saved because I'm a giant piece of crap." And of course brother B always hears brother A giving this speech an emotions ensue, so why can't we just have the emotions? 

The Darker:

  • Oh, hello lovely lady with the red hair and the Scottish accent. What perfect casting for an ancient witch - tiny, pointy of face, mischievous eyes. I like her! Oh, and by the way, she's so powerful she can make a hex bag that will literally cause a demon to vomit itself out of a meatsuit. Like, not the dodgy smoke evacuation of yore, it totally vomits out in sulfuric black bile. And even though I have an absolute vomit aversion, that's pretty bad ass. Yeah. I like her. Plus she rescues sex workers and demands that others respect said sex workers. Well, kind of.

The Darkest:

  • We cannot simply gloss over the fact that demons were enslaving humans into sex trade. Demons have historically ranged from petty to cruel, but this is the first ploy that, to me, comes across as completely horrifying. So horrifying indeed that the King o' Hell himself condemns it (albeit as "tacky" rather than "completely and utterly appalling even beyond what people expect of hell I mean come on even we have standards you peasants"). Two of the women were removed from the ring by Rowena, but she unfortunately showed just as much disregard for them in the long run. Instead of pawns for soul recruitment, they were only potential students who were completely expendable. Cheers to the punchy blonde who escaped, and I suspect shortly joined a nunnery.

The "Oh thank Jeebus."

  • Hannah has left the building. Literally. Hannah left her host and ascended to the heavens just as I was writing "I seriously don't even remember what their mission is anymore" in my notes. I mean, it has something to do with reuniting angels? But there has been exactly zero development in this subplot, instead focusing all scenes on the non-relationship between the two earth bound angels. But that's done now, and Cas may or may not continue the good fight on his own. 

The "Insert Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn Gif Here:"

  • Do you remember the tale of Crowley the Man? One Mr. Gavin McLeod, the Scottish tailor. The character of Crowley is a bit of a mess. He was a dude from Scotland, his meatsuit belonged to a literary agent from New York, yet he speaks with a British accent (which, full disclosure, I'm OK with because I don't think I could handle Mark Sheppard's voice with a Scottich accent). We met his son, full on Scottish, and now we've met his mum. A teeny little redheaded witch. And I do believe shit's about to get real. 

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