Yesterday a German LEGO catalog was released that showcased the six "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" sets that will be coming this spring. With the movie coming in May, expect these to be hitting store shelves in April. 2012's wave of LEGO sets included all of the major characters and some key vehicles; there were also some noticeable absences, like Nick Fury (or Agent Coulson)(or Maria Hill) and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, but overall it was a solid wave. This one seems to be more of the same. Without knowing exactly what's going to be going down in "Age of Ultron," I'm not sure if these include spoilers or not, but they don't seem to give away anything that wasn't already seen in the trailer.  Either way, you've been warned.


Here's what we've got--the translations might be rough considering they're from the German catalog, but you get the idea. 


 LEGO set including Iron Man and Ultron

Iron Man vs Ultron: Iron Man Mark 45, Ultron Drone Officer, Ultron Drone


Duel with Hydra LEGO set

Duel with Hydra: Thor, Hawkeye, Hydra Henchman


Avengers Hulkbuster LEGO set

Hulkbuster Rescue Mission: Hulk, Ultron Prime, Iron Man Mark 43, Scarlet Witch


The Avengers Quinjet Chase LEGO set

The Avengers Quinjet Chase: Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, Iron Man Mark 43


Attack on Avengers Tower LEGO Set

Attack on Avengers Tower: Iron Man Mark 45, Thor, Iron Legion Drones (2x), Ultron


Burlary at Hydra Fortress LEGO set

Burglary at the Hydra Fortress: Quicksilver, Hydra Henchman, Baron Von Strucker, Hulk, Captain America


So that's that. The prices in the catalog are in euros, but those usually are converted 1:1 into dollars, screwing the Europeans (and the Australians even worse, poor bastards). To buy all six sets you'd be laying out about $280. Let's say you just wanted to get all of the Avengers -- Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Welp, you'll have to buy every set except for the smallest (Iron Man vs. Ultron) and Attack on Avengers Tower. Which would drop your total to around $200. More reasonable, but still. LEGO loves spreading out a team across several expensive sets, which is why I still don't have all five Guardians of the Galaxy. They also ensured Black Widow would be the rarest Avenger, only including her in the most expensive set...just like they did in 2012. 


All that whining aside, this looks like a great way to represent the action, the characters, vehicles and set pieces in the movie. That Avengers Tower is especially sexy, and the Hulkbuster suit is just begging to come home with me. I won't buy all of these sets, but those two are sure bets. And that Quinjet is damn sexy...and I love Baron Von Strucker...and...


Time to sell more plasma. 


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