During this mornings Nintendo DIrect Reggie Fils-Aime announced that gamers in the U.S. can buy the system on February 13, 2015 for $199.99. Available in two colors: New Red and New Black the system offers face-tracking 3D, better hardware, NFC (which brings Amiibo support), C-Stick functionality and, Micro SD support. While these changes are much needed, especially for those of us that are still using our old systems it will be a relief to finally jump into better hardware and a bigger screen. The one oddity from this mornings news is the system will not include a power cord. So that will need to be purchased separately, or you'll need to hang on to your old one. I guess that can mess with trade in value eh?


monster hunter 3ds skin

Photo: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New 3DS XL


Alongside this announcement Nintendo also dropped the news of two special edition systems. Along with the regular system, players will also be able to choose between a "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" System or a "Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D" system, which will have special artwork. The timing is perfect for Zelda fans since Majora's Mask 3D launches that same day. Not only will we get the opportunity to replay one of the N64 Zelda Games (or in my case play it for the first time). But it will be playable on a gorgeous platform with new hardware to boot.


zelda 3ds

Photo: Zelda 3DS Bundle


So there you have it folks. Is it time for you to upgrade or are you planning on beating that old 3DS into the ground?

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