I'm not crying, you're crying. This has been a big week in pop culture news for me; Stevie Wonder and Dolly Parton are involved in TV projects, Idina Menzel is going to sing at some football game, and now this. It's almost too much for my cold black heart to handle.

Per reports from deadline.com, Fox executives confirmed they are in talks for a "new installment" of the legendary sci-fi drama. The word "installment" is what makes me the most giddy, because it implies a new series and not just another film. The network says that at this point the talks are mostly focused on the availability of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, who would star in the new series. Which, you know, duh. Fox would have to just go with a new title because no one would watch an X-Files show starring someone other than the original, iconic stars. 

The stars' schedules would have to match up with the availability of original series creator Chris Carter, who is also back on board. 

Let's pour one out for Kim Manners, argue over whether season five or six is the best, and look for that old Rolling Stone cover on eBay. 

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