This morning the Wall Street Journal posted pics and initial details about the long-rumored LEGO Helicarrier. And sweet Moses, it's amazing. The super short version: 3,000 pieces, 31" long, five regular minifigures, a dozen "microfigures" -- a first, and I'm hoping we see an Atom (DC Comics) and Ant-Man (Marvel) soon using these.  It's $350 bucks. We'll see more with pictures from Toy Fair in NYC in February, but for now this is what we've got. Holy crap.


LEGO Helicarrier


Avengers Minifigures


Avengers Microfigures


To be clear, I don't actually want to buy this. I'm a bigger DC than Marvel fan, and this doesn't turn me on quite the same way the huge Star Wars sets (Sandcrawler, Death Star, Super Star Destroyer) have. But damn. It's sexy. 

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