FanX 2015 is just behind us, and among the throngs of celebrities was Donald Mustard, Founder and Creative Director of ChAIR. In the interview he talks about his thoughts on mobile gaming, what it's like working with EPIC Games and even mentions that they are working on an unannounced project. You can listen directly just after the logo, or read the short interview! Check it out!




That was a great panel, I enjoyed hearing your take on the industry:

Mustard: I like that too, you know, I love the Industry but I love seeing the more human side of it as well. I love the stuff where I can hear the process and the behind the scenes stuff.

What is different between working with EPIC and making your own IP?

Mustard: This is actually what we liked about EPIC. After Undertow and Advent Rising we knew being acquired was in our future, we were being courted by EA and Microsoft, but EPIC was saying, "We'll buy you and you can keep doing what you're doing." While the others were saying, "It'll be great, we'll buy you and you can work on one of these titles." That's not what I wanted, we wanted to make our own games. So I have the advantages of doing what I want as a smaller studio, but with the resources of a larger studio.

Imagine in 15 or so years, the President of the United States will be someone who played "Mario."


How do you feel about mobile games and their effect on the Industry?

Mustard: I know this topic is really divisive but, I personally love it. I love that there are so many different games now, that games are everywhere. I love that games appeal to my mom as much as they appeal to me and my kids. When we were growing up, most games were targeted to us, and I love that this is a big thing. Just imagine in the next 10-15 years, the President of the United States will be someone who played "Mario." Games are not just our culture, but the culture of the entire world. In a large part mobile has allowed for that to happen, since so much power is in your pocket. I believe hardcore games will be around forever and so will casual.

What games are you playing now and what are your favorites?

Mustard: I am obsessed with two games now. The first is "Destiny", and you know I have a lot of friends at "Bungie", but I am not a "Halo" fan. I loved their core mechanics and shooting and vehicles, but the world never captured me. "Destiny" is that with an amazing meta game with the world and weapons and leveling. So I love that and "Hearthstone", I just got my character in "Destiny" to level 32, so I'm moving up. 


 You can find more about ChAIR Entertainment at their website, you can also find Donald Mustard on Twitter.

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