As always, “Five & Three” brings you my favorite things in comics this week. Every week I pick my five favorite covers and three favorite panels to create “Five & Three”. I like to talk about why I picked the covers and panels and welcome hecklers and trend setters alike. 

So many great comics came back this week and many of them are making an appearance this week. Starting us off though is another “Star Wars” comic variant only this one is for issue #2 by Leinil Francis Yu.


With more variants making an appearance I’m picking the hallmark #250 issue of “Spawn” with art done by Skottie Young.


Valiant is making great comic books with an amazingly rich and storied universe. Their latest, “Imperium” makes an appearance with a variant to issue #1 by Hairsine and Muller.


I think homage covers are the best. This one by Jay Shaw for “Return of the Living Deadpool #1” was a must for this list.


“Saga” is back with a powerful issue #25. I am still on board for this book and if you’re wondering if you should jump on, #25 is the perfect jumping on point. That being said, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not picking up the trades and catching up first.



“Velvet” by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting, and colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser, has been a cheeky spy thriller with nod’s to “James Bond” but with the strength of a female lead. The story is just starting to reveal itself but it’s the small moments that keep me hooked. 


Did Hawkeye come back and no one noticed or did it make a splash? I know the delays have been aweful but at least we may be getting the final part of Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth’s story before Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez take are passed the bow and quiver.



I know the Internets have had some contention about DC’s upcoming “Convergence” storyline but I have enjoyed the weekly “The New 52 Future’s End” leading up to whatever “Convergence” ends up being. Panels like this magnificent one of a bearded Superman in jeans and a t-shirt are reasons I’ve been a fan.


That’s all for this week. If you disagree with a pick, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MarkAvo or on
Instagram @TheMarkAvo. If you think I should’ve picked something else or if you have a pick in mind for next week, give me a shout out and let me know. If you’d like to check out more “Five and Three” comic book moments start with “Five and Three” from last week. Walking Dead is back!

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