In the wake of the box-office success of "Guardians of the Galaxy" , and on the tail of the new "Rocket Raccoon" ongoing comic series, Marvel announced today that the ent-ish Groot will also be getting an ongoing comic book series. "Groot" #1 will be on the rack in your local comic shop in June.

Jeff Loveness, an Emmy and WGA Award nominated writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live," will be writing the series while professional animator Brian Kesinger will be Illustrating "Groot." Both Loveness and Kesinger are relatively new to the Marvel roster, but both are well steeped in their respective expertise.

Groot #1 Preview

Loveness recently first sharpened his writing pencil for Marvel with "Amazing Spider-Man Special" #1.

"So much of my comedy style comes from reading Spider-Man comics as a kid, so it’s a joy to jump into this format and see how I do," Loveness told "I’m still a novice at it. Hopefully I won’t destroy the magic of comics for everyone."

Fans whose first introduction to the character of Groot via the "Guardians of The Galaxy" film, will find a kindred spirit in Loveness.

"Groot absolutely stole the show in that and now I’m excited to take him on a cosmic road trip across the Marvel Universe."

"I was aware of Groot, but like many people, I think the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie gave me a fresh appreciation for the character," said Loveness. "Groot absolutely stole the show in that and now I’m excited to take him on a cosmic road trip across the Marvel Universe."

Groot #1 Preview Panel

While Brian Kesinger is new to the medium, he is well steeped in narrative illustration. Kesinger has spent more than a decade in the Walt Disney Studios, writing and animating major features like "Tangled," "Bolt" and the Academy Award-nominated "Wreck-It Ralph." Additionally, Kesinger has also published his own illustrated book, "Walking Your Octopus: A Guide to the Domesticated Cephalopod."

Loveness will be leaning on Kesinger to assist in telling the story of a character who is tethered to just one phrase, "I am Groot."

"Brian brings so much wonder to Groot’s face," said Loveness. "I’m in really good hands with him. We’re gonna make some fun, weird visuals for you guys."

Groot #1 Preview Panel

The two storytellers believe Groot is the perfect vehicle to tell a relatable story about beating the odds.

"Overall, it’s a story about overcoming your own handicaps in life," said Loveness. "Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you can’t speak properly. Maybe you’re a giant space tree who’s best friends with a raccoon. Every Marvel character, no matter how big or outlandish, is based on an emotional truth, and I’m really looking forward to exploring the truth behind Groot."

"Also, they’re going to fight space sharks," said Loveness.

Groot #1 Space Sharks

Groot #1 Preview

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