Starting today, HBO launched its online only Now service. A $15 a month online-only service available on Apple TV, iOS, and the web, and for the first time, users without cable have a way to legitimately access the network. Yes, you can finally buy Home Box Office without cable. Also, signing up for a free month's trial is something of a no brainer considering that the season five premiere of Game Of Thrones airs this weekend.

Perfect timing no less as Game Of Thrones show runners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have indeed confirmed that the HBO hit will begin to spoil the A Song Of Ice & Fire book series.

HBO should finish this show. Adaptations are a different medium. There is no way to cover every detail. Finding a way to streamline the stories so non-readers can enjoy them is the best way to go about it. This may be the first time ever for a television show to finish a literary work. The viewers deserve the ending envisioned by the author and it's not worth waiting for him to finish. After all, finishing the show as the author intended, before he finishes writing it, is no more a spoiler than having the books to read before you watch it. As fans, we deserve the complete story, the medium isn’t important.

So, now that the new Game of Thrones season 5 is here, I would like to ask that no one spoils anything for me or tells me a single thing about the show going forward since I have been so good at not spoiling the show for anyone else (puts on hipster glasses). I was a fan of A Song Of Ice And Fire way before the show, and because of this I want to stay loyal to GRRM, and go into the final two volumes without knowing anything at all that happens.

I think a lot of people will judge Martin unfairly and say the show was much better than the books simply because Martin didn't finish the books quick enough and because they have a short attention span which will be annoying to listen to. I'll read his final two books without any pre-judgment. Season four already took some material from book six which is why I'm not going to watch season five even though books four and five are already out.

I'll probably watch season five after book six is out and I've read it, but I wont be watching seasons 6 and 7 (and possibly season 8) until the final book is out. So no spoilers please! Part of the fun for me was watching the surprise of all the non-book readers as things played out on screen, now you non-readers get to have the same joy when I finally read the books. And I'll never use the internet for anything in the time between, and speak to no-one for any reason. I'm good to go. Count me in the TV watchers group vs the book readers at this point. Major spoiler! This series has dragons.


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