It's the fifth episode of our weekly podcast, Who Virgin, where Citizen-Bot watches Doctor Who for the first time and talks about all sorts of other things.

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What sorts of shenanigans do we get in this week?

We’re joined by new subscribers, including from New Zealand. Mark proceeds to insult the Kiwis. Flight of the Conchords. Andy’s Odyssey-like journey to Louisville.

We want a TARDIS. Actual Doctor Who this week! Is The Doctor bad at running the TARDIS? Charles Dickens. The Amazing Randi. Farting aliens. Backbench MPs. Cardiff. Torchwood. San Antonio politics.

Easter Candy. Star Wars Action Figures. Trading Cards app.

MOVIES: “Furious 7.” (Review here) Doritos. Did they get Jason Statham a box to stand on? You will believe a car can fly. That’s your next Star Trek movie. “Woman in Gold.” Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds. Heavy-handed, dry legal drama with Nazis. “Danny Collins.” (Review here) Al Pacino. John Lennon. Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Garner. Annette Bening. Amazing cast, great performances. “While We’re Young.” (Review here) Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as Generation X vs. Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried as Millenials. Trigger Warning: vomit.

TV: brought to us by Mark’s dinner shame. Agents of SHIELD. Daredevil. Next week will be all Doctor Who and Daredevil. Will Daredevil be in Civil War? Marvel Butt Numb a Thon. Winter Soldier trivia contests.

(Also, please forgive any technical difficulties in this episode or what might seem like weird edits. We blame Google for kicking us randomly out of Hangouts On Line. Thanks Obama!)

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