This week we review "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" in the second half of the show with guest Bryan Young, but first, "The Christmas Invasion," "New Earth," and "Tooth and Claw." And we welcome Rebecca Frost from the Hello Sweetie Podcast!

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PS-- for those who don't know why we keep calling Rebecca "Rachel," please watch this: (some NSFW language)


And now, the episode: 

Mark hates us. Having a Marvel movie come out on your birthday is the best. Avengers highs.

Tennant is Rebecca's Doctor.

"The Christmas Invasion"- Is this the first scary aliens? Mannequins vs. Christmas Trees. The aliens rock. Prime Minister Harriet Jones. Is The Doctor a hypocrite? Sexism in politics. Confusion with regeneration?

"New Earth"- Cats are sociopaths. Rebecca's three-legged cat. Cassandra is the worst.  Cat people's claws and running skills. Zombies! There's always one button-- why?!?! Billie Piper's acting skills. She's Britain's answer to Mandy Moore. Robin Sparkles. Andy's HIMYM idea with Avengers. We almost start fighting about HIMYM. The Face of Bo-- again! Torchwood.

"Tooth and Claw"- Anagrams. Royal Baby Werewolf Watch 2015. Queen Elizabeth is like 1,000. She has a Lazarus Pit. Martial arts and then Monster of the Week. "Supernatural" is so meta.

Quick reactions on Jared Leto's Joker photo. We  have mixed reactions.

Argument about Matt Smith!

Avengers Review starts at 46:30 featuring Bryan Young! Beware: Some minor plot spoilers, but no more than what is in the trailers. Then we get REALLY spoilery. But we warn you first.

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