This episode we're joined by the amazing Melissa Martinez, who brings the power to disagree with us, as we review "School Reunion," "Girl in the Fireplace," "Rise of the Cybermen" and "Age of Steel." And we talk a ton more about Avengers 2 and the place of "strong female characters" (TM Joss Whedon) in sci-fi, fantasy, comics, etc. .

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And now, the episode: 

Cinco de Mayo/May the Fourth brought to us by Obi Juan Kenobi.


Introducing Melissa!

Maisie Williams coming to Doctor Who. "Strong Female Characters." Does Moffat not know how to write women? Sherlock.

"School Reunion" Anthony Stewart Head! How we'd use godlike powers. Dick Cheney punishments. Sarah Jane and K9.

"Girl in the Fireplace" Consequences of time travel, the Doctor's mortality vs. the passage of time for the people he leaves behind. The writers' strike ruined tv.

"Rise of the Cybermen"/"Age of Steel" The perils of alternate dimensions. Ricky/Micky is the dog in the car. The Farnsworth Parabox. Rose has daddy issues. Who is our best version of us in another universe?

The second half of the show is just lots of talk about Avengers 2, the SNL "Black Widow" trailer. And feminism.

Seriously, after we ended the episode, we hung out for another hour discussing feminism and comic books and tv and movies and feminism. It's mostly Mark and Melissa arguing, but it's pretty great. If you want to watch that whole thing, it's here:

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