I hesitate to give any curious mind even a stitch of information about this incredible sci-fi masterpiece from BBC America, starring arguably the most talented working actress currently living among us.


For me, it started as a recommendation from a person I trusted, who knew my taste (fine, it was Dan Snierson at Entertainment Weekly - and he also made me watch Parks and Recreation). Basically he shoved season one into my hands and said “go and watch.” And I kid you not, from the first scene I was hooked.


The series, if you must know, is about clones. It’s about a bunch of women discovering they are clones, and meeting each other, and all the bad people who think they have ownership over these human experiments who very much have opinions and strengths and weaknesses all their own.


Watching Tatiana Maslany act against herself is only one of the many delights in this twisty, turny story of betrayal and misplaced trust. The characters do their best to live the way they did before discovering they were grown in a lab - like Alison Hendrix, a suburban housewife and serious ballbuster. And Cosima Niehaus, a genius scientist. And Sarah Manning, who has a shady past and a brilliant daughter. And Helena … oh Helena.


There are also a ton of wonderful supporting character including flamboyant, loyal Felix and (as my friends and I call him) Hot Paul. It’s violent, suspenseful, heartwarming, hilarious and terrifying.


Still not convinced?


You might just be hopeless.

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