With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, various companies are unveiling their con exclusives. LEGO, my particular poison, has just revealed their own. And there are some good ones. 


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

All New Captain American Minifigure (Sam Wilson)

Marvel's Falcon as Captain America is transformed into a LEGO minifigure that will be given away to select Comic-Con attendees. 


Sam Wilson as Captain America


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Throne of Ultron

This ultimate collectors set for fans of the blockbuster hit "Avengers: Age of Ultron" will only be available for sale at San Diego Comic-Con next month; features the Ultron character in LEGO minifigure form. 203 pieces, $39.99


Throne of Ultron


LEGO Star Wars

Dagobah Mini-build

An iconic planet from the Star Wars films "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" in one of the most pivotal scenes is recreated in LEGO bricks; available for sale only at San Diego Comic-Con. 177 pieces, $29.99


Dagobah playset


75114 LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper

Buildable Figure

The new version of the Storm Trooper from the much-anticipated Episode VII will be represented as a LEGO Star Wars Buildable Figure available for sale in January 2016. 81 pieces, $19.99, January 2016.


First Order Storm Trooper


None of these is as outrageous as some other exclusives, like making Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, or Hal Jordan exclusives only that now go for hundreds of dollars on the after-market. But for fans of the Sam Wilson Captain America (currently in the comics, and probably coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe someday), it sucks to have it only available to select attendees. The other sets would be buildable for most LEGO fans using online instructions, and with other Ultron sets on store shelves now, you're not missing much in the way of a true exclusive. Still. They look nice--the Dagobah set is especially well-designed. That microscale look has been big (okay, small) in the fan community for a while, and seeing LEGO use that in official sets is exciting. Hopefully we'll see more of that in the future. 


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