Well would ya look at that? Another Marvel film to hit #1. That is 12 from the MCU to take the #1 spot, but unsurprisingly "Ant-Man" is the lowest opening for Marvel. It makes sense really. The character Ant-Man isn't very well known, less than even Ironman was. The movies have been hitting non-stop for years now, so maybe there is a bit of fatigue from audiences, and Paul Rudd isn't exactly the first name you think of when you think "Action Movie." Despite all that, it still performed well, and has good reviews, including from us

While "Minions" performed extremely well in week 1, it plummeted almost 60% in week two, much more than the 2 previous films. That was still more than enough to keep the #2 spot because "Trainwreck" was a good $20 million behind. That's not to say that "Trainwreck" performed poorly, that is pretty solid for an R-Rated comedy, in fact it's Judd Apatow's second highest opening and got good reviews. Amy Schumer is blowing up right now and, with her acting and writing this film I think she continues to boost her profile. 

TW   Title  Studio Weekend Gross % Change     Total Gross   Week #
1   Ant-Man BV $58,040,000 -       $58,040,000   1
2   Minions Uni. $50,200,000 -56.6%       $216,692,000   2
3   Trainwreck Uni. $30,200,000 -       $30,200,000   1
4   Inside Out BV $11,660,000 -34.0%       $306,363,000   5
5   Jurassic World Uni. $11,400,000 -37.2%       $611,174,000   6


A quick note on budgets and dollar figures:
Films making back their budgets is a good sign, but that is just the money to film. It doesn't include distribution and marketing. Marketing can cost as much as a film. That big Superbowl spot is spendy. So take that into account when judging a film's success. Hitting $100 million isn't the same as it once was.

All dollar amounts in the top 5 come from estimates based on ticket sales unless noted otherwise. Occasionally this article will be published when actual results come out, which is usually late Monday afternoon. For more about this and other ins and outs of movie tracking click here.

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