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It was unsurprisingly another shock filled season over in Westeros. The latest series of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ ensured that audiences were once more left reeling from a number of surprises, twists and more notably deaths in the conclusion of season 5. Therefore of course the rumour mill on the internet was swiftly put into overdrive with fans trying to work out and aimlessly predict what great things we could expect from the next season. It goes without question that this feature does include a number of spoilers for those who have not yet quite made it to the close of the more recent series, so please be warned before you proceed.

The biggest question mark of course was the surprising demise of one of the show’s most popular characters Jon Snow. So while many of us were left trying to console ourselves that Kit Harrington would not be returning to the Night’s Watch in season 6 thanks to a group of back stabbing brothers the web was rife with rumours and speculation of a possible return. Recently Harrington was spotted heading to Belfast, where much of the ‘Game of Thrones’ realm is filmed, sparking further conjecture about the return of Jon Snow.

Series director David Nutter recently had a conversation with none other than President Obama who was also very interested in Snow’s ultimate fate. Upon asking the question Nutter revealed to the Prez that Snow was indeed “deader than dead”. But in the mystical fantasy world we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll never see the character again. Some popular comeback theories include a White Walker resurrection, a Direwolf reprisal, or the mysterious Red Woman, Melisandre, may hold the key to Snow’s restoration.

As Jon Snow’s fate is still currently up in the air it doesn’t look like Stannis will be quite as lucky for a return. Whilst in the Lannister camp it was Cersei's shocking walk of shame that will no doubt be a suitably poignant aspect for revenge and retaliation in season 6. The now not so little Bran Stark will return after his meeting with the three-eyed raven, and Emilia Clarke who plays the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, has also hinted at some exciting developments for her character next season.

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