There's a new "Hunger Games" trailer, and it's one to pull the heartstrings. "Mockingjay Part 2" opens in November . . . but are we prepared to bid farewell to these beloved characters? Who will live and who will die in the final showdown against President Snow?

This new trailer is all about Katniss and Prim. Since the beginning, Prim has been Katniss' motivation. She volunteered as a tribute to save her sister from competing in the Hunger Games, and it threw her into an entirely new world. One where she became a symbol--the Mockingjay. A world where entire districts are destroyed and her loved ones are in constant danger. But amid all the turmoil there's always little sister Prim. Prim who believes in Katniss and, despite her youth, helps out where she can in a land now ravaged by war. 

And while Katniss fights for her own survival in the Games, and though she is caught between two men she cares deeply about, through it all, her thoughts, her love, and her actions are . . . for Prim. 

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