“Minority Report” Episode 1.3, “Hawk-Eye” Starring Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Nick Zano, Laura Regan, Wilmer Valderrama; Written by Max Borenstein; Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.

In this week’s “Minority Report,” Dash and Detective Vega pair up again to solve a crime that hasn’t happened, her co-workers get suspicious of her uncanny ability to solve murders, and Agatha has a vision about a dismal future.

So, basically the same show as the last two weeks. But the twist this time is Metro has implemented a pilot program called Hawk-Eye. It’s a computer system that predicts patterns and can flag potentially dangerous behavior before someone gets hurt. Or killed.  

Vega is asked to test the program, and she asks Dash to be her analyst/partner. This will allow them to work together openly without (hopefully) raising more suspicions. But now Akeela, the crime scene technician, knows their secret, and Blake isn't entirely convinced that "Dashiell" is who he claims to be. 

Agatha, hidden away on her Island of Misfit Toys (and I’m so sad I didn’t think of that before Arthur did), now sees Vega in her visions about the three siblings returning to the milk bath, where they floated in the days of Precrime. They’re all still haunted by their time there, floating in near isolation, only seeing murder after murder, and each of them would do anything not to return. 

And Agatha seems to have as much trouble blending in as Dash. She’s called a witch when she reveals to one of the Misfit Toys on the island how much she knows about him. For someone constantly accusing Dash of bringing danger to their door, her behavior strikes me as odd. 

Arthur, though set up to be the "jerk" of the siblings, appears to be the most capable of having a normal life. He can blend in and has found a way to use his abilities to benefit himself, at least, without being tortured by them. 

The Precogs and how they fit into the world, and maintaining their secret is far more interesting than the actual future murders on the show. I honestly didn’t care what happened in the actual crime portion of this week’s episode. The victims weren’t established well enough where I cared what happened to them, and the real drama is happening between the Precogs and those they interact with. And how they interact with each other. 

I could speculate on where the series may be headed, but amateur Precogs everywhere predict this will be one of, if not the, first canceled shows of the season. Whether the story has potential or not, the ratings aren’t showing a happy future for “Minority Report.”     

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