The holidays are coming quickly (a little too quickly) and suddenly I find myself looking down the barrel of gift giving season with nothing to show for myself. In these days of instant gratification it can be even more difficult to find something to get for the important people in your life that they don’t already have.

This task can be even more difficult with your friends and family who are geekily minded. We tend not to want to wait, if there’s a new book or movie we probably already have it. The only path left to take is to find a shirt, toy, or memorabilia that they may enjoy.

In much the same way that Spidey or Bats swoops in at the perfect moment to save a citizen of New York or Gotham (fake New York), Super Hero Stuff is here to save your sorry behind from holiday embarrassment.


They have sales going on starting today. By using the coupon code TURKEY13 you can save 13% off all orders of $35 or more and given all the sweet wares they have on offer that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. If you’re having trouble deciding what to get they also have HeroBoxes which supply you with a mysterious grab bag of geeky goodness. Boxes range from $49 - $69 and have themes of Marvel, DC, or Star Wars. There’s something for every geek in your life and you’re guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth. Each box contains a shirt and an exclusive item you can’t get anywhere else, and the word on the street is there will be a special limited Black Friday HeroBox so keep your eyes to the sky.


Along with the special HeroBox the sales will get better starting Friday when over a thousand items will be marked down 20% - 30% and you’ll get a free shirt with orders over $75 so settle in with grandma during Thanksgiving and get yourself an extra piece of pie, a smooch on the cheek, and a little extra scratch for holiday shopping, grandmas are always good for it.

The black Friday promotion runs all weekend and then pumps up in the final stretch for Cyber Monday when daily Door Buster Flash sales begin with special items at 25% off and even more items are marked down extra special just for you. These deals are so good you might even have some money left over to get something for yourself.

If heading into a store on Black Friday goes against your personal commercial ethics or makes your social anxiety sense tingle, Super Hero Stuff understands and has designed these deals to be taken advantage of from the comfort of your couch, in your jim jams, while you shame cry over all the food you stuffed down your gullet the day before.

You could have all of your holiday shopping done before you get back to work next week. Then you can sit proudly on your reinforced office chair and shake your head at the news reports of looting and arrests at the local big box store. You’re better than that, you know it, and we know it.

Capitalism never looked so good. Happy holidays. 


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