Fans of Deadpool were excited to hear of the character's inclusion in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and the news that Ryan Reynolds would be playing the character seemed to be a good indication that those in charge were heading in the right direction. While viewers may have walked into the theater with high hopes, the portrayal of the character was roundly panned when those same viewers left the theater. A worse bastardization of a character is hard to think of, especially one so beloved by his fans.

What made the ordeal even more painful was the idea that it might ruin any chances of the character ever having a movie adaptation true to form, and that Ryan Reynolds (who was born to play the character) might have wasted his shot on an interpretation that can hardly be recognized.

However, sometimes the movie gods hear our prayers. When test footage was released showing Ryan Reynolds reprising the role in a version that was truer to the character's spirit, fans lost their proverbial minds and the first true trailer only cemented those happy feelings and high hopes. Yesterday a second trailer was released and as we get to see more and more of the film it feels safer and safer to stop worrying. This is the Deadpool we need, the Deadpool we deserve.

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