If you find yourself perusing the New York Toy Fair this weekend you'll have an opportunity to see the new merchandise tied to Legendary's "Warcraft" film. Toymaker Jakks Pacific will be showcasing their line of "Warcraft" toys at the convention tomorrow at 9am. Their line will include a broad range of figures and role play items. 

If you're more into the Thinkgeek side of things, they'll be showcasing watches, wall decor, backpacks and "stylish loungewear" at their booth at the convention as well. 

Of all the offerings, my favorite of the lot is the Funko rendition of Durotan (pictured below). Since I happen to be an avid collector of the mutated nightmares, this will sit in my Funko section quite nicely at home.  


Photo: Durotan Funko Pop


It is worth noting that they are also going to be showing off toys tied to the "Independence Day" sequel and "The Little Prince". You can see pictures of some of the items below, and catch the rest at the convention!


Photo: "Indepenendence Day" Gun


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