LEGO's Collectible Minifigures have become a staple for both casual and hardcore collectors, and the just-glimpsed Series 16 looks like it will have some eagerly-sought pieces as well. 


Series 16 Minifigures


The official names of the characters aren't out yet, but the rumor list calls them:


  1. Snow Queen
  2. Arabian Knight
  3. Cyborg
  4. Imp
  5. Spooky Boy
  6. Hiker
  7. Wildlife Photographer
  8. Boxer (Kickboxer?)
  9. Scalawag Pirate
  10. Penguin Guy
  11. Rogue
  12. Dog Show Winner (?)
  13. Serenader
  14. Spy
  15. Banana Guy
  16. Babysitter


That breaks down as eleven male characters and five female, although both the Imp and (more) the Penguin could just as easily be little girls as little boys. Several trends continue, adding Snow Queen to the fairy tale lineup that's been building, Spooky Boy joins Spooky Girl from a few series ago, we get another animal suit character with Penguin Guy (cutest thing ever, btw) and a friend for Hot Dog Guy (one of my favorite minifigures of all time) in Banana Guy. There are at least eleven new or rare pieces, including the devil horns on the Imp, the hairpiece on Spooky Boy and Cyborg, the little Yorkie dog, the acoustic guitar, and of course the Babysitter's baby (debuting as a piece today with the much-anticipated Fun in the Park set. This is a solid series, and although I say I'll "just pick up twelve of them,"  once you have twelve, you might as well get the last few.


Series 16 will be out this fall, probably September 1st, with no specific date as of yet. Meanwhile, the Disney Minifigures are in stores now, and are selling would expect collectible Disney LEGO minifigures to sell. I've "only" bought Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Ursula, Ariel, Mr. Incredible and Maleficent. And I'm good with that. The inevitable Disney Minifigures Series 2 will come in early 2017, I'm guessing. It's gonna hurt so good.


You can find the Disney Minifigures at The LEGO Store, Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us -- my local Kroger affiliate, Smith's Marketplace, is often my go-to for price and availability. But they're out everywhere. Of course, they're also sold out everywhere. So...good luck. 


Disney Collectible Minifigures

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