Did any of y'all know that there's such a thing as the "Television Association summer press tour"? I didn't. All I can imagine is that it's a bunch of dudes in suits delivering the most exciting news ever in totally deadpan monotones to barely engaged journalists. But today, Fox's entertainment president David Madden delivered the news that the network and creators are working hard to make an eleventh season of "The X-Files" happen - so now all I can imagine is the aforementioned suits ripping their button-downs open to reveal "I want to believe" tees while the journalists faint and scream like they're at a Beatles show. That's totally what I would do, anyway. 

The news is truly nothing shocking; the network would love more episodes, the creators and cast need to work together to get a schedule in place so that it can actually happen. Fox CEO Dana Walden did imply that the network would actually order a longer season this time around, and while it certainly won't reach a full 22-23 episode season the network would like to aim for 8-10 episodes. We likely won't see any new episodes until 2018.

I didn't realize until researching this news that I'm in a minority. I absolutely loved the tenth season finale. And I actually found it to be a happy ending no matter how I interpreted the actual events (I'll refrain from specifics here - I know it aired months ago but I am months behind on several series that I love so I keep it spoiler free). I do, however, think that the events in those final moments of that finale point a pretty steady finger in the direction that any following episodes have to take. There's no wiggle room here, and they can't leave it open ended in any way. If you think about it, the fact that this is even happening kind of kills one theory right out of the gate. 

None of that is a complaint, by the way. I'm so excited that I wanted to make the preview picture for this article just a picture me throwing two thumbs up whilst wearing a shit-eating grin. But whatever, I'll be a professional. For now. 

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