This episode features TomTyson, and Jon

Silicon Valley, The Leftovers, The IT Crowd, Disrupted, all shows you should check out, but lets not talk about TV. Let’s talk about video games.

Jon should go pro in For Honor. He’s still the only one using headphones, and because of it he leads an army. He’s trying to prove his value to his girlfriend.

Telltale games! Jon had a heckuva time trying to find the Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale game. Lots of spoilery talk so if you’re not up to speed with the game, maybe skip this one. The story is great, but overall Jon liked Batman more. $20 for 12 hours of gameplay though? Totally worth it.

Mass Effect, Lament, Rain World, Injustice 2 (featuring Fuck Mode), that shit Marvel game called Marvel Heroes Omega. Jon was accepted for closed beta access and decided to pick it up. If you like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, you're going to like this game less.

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